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Beauty Is As Beauty Does

Crystal Brooms by Chiara

Crystal Brooms are affordable Energy medicine tools. I began making them to help people continue the effects of being Wanded and to adorn themselves with a token of my well wishes towards them. So in a matter of speaking, Crystal Brooms by Chiara are many things including Momento, Protection, Amulet and Aura Cleaning and Chakra balancing tool!

I carefully hand pick all of my stones. Through meditation, I ask the universe to point me in the direction of ALL Around healing crystals.

It is easy to make your own. When you follow my Page on Instagram and Facebook- I go LIVE with brief tutorials. It may take concentration and practice to get your Crystal Broom to move in the way that I call SWEEPING. For this reason, many people wear their pieces that are crafted into small organic formations as jewelry and leave the sweeping to me. The best guidance book that I recommend to teach you about Pendulums and how to work a Pendulum is Pendulum magic for Beginners by Richard Webster.

During an actual session, I use a zero energy wand by Amega Global. If you want to purchase a zero energy wand like mine simply click this link and look for the SHOP button

Let's go BACKWARDs. What makes this Wand Lady? If someone asked me to sum myself up in one word, I would answer HOPE. I always hope that everyone feels better.

Many road blocks surfaced as I tried to live my life. I believe that a person must be open minded to explore the possibilities when they arise. Solutions may be subtle. Not all remedies have Flash or come with a cheerleading squad!

During my young adulthood and college days, my biggest problem was figuring out how to feel good enough to complete my work and be social. I knew that I had allergies but I did not know to what!

Much later in life, I found out that I was allergic to human hair and a long list of foods and grasses. There were tests such as the skin prick panel test. I had allergy shots. I did the avoidance diet. So in other words, I've done most of the normal stuff too.

Allergies seemed to be rare and many of my peers said that my health problems were all in my head. It was a lonely time in my life. My problems encouraged me to do my own research and pay special attention in school when Professors included healing customs of ancient people. I became curious about these practices and diets of people from other parts of the world.

Mostly I admit, I was just starving with true HUNGER. Most American comfort foods such as beef, chicken, corn, potatoes etc. where printed upon a paper with hospital leader head: DO NOT EAT. BioVeda Biofeedback is much different than regular Biofeedback. Checking online for a Practitioner in your area may offer benefits that you had not thought possible.

Over the years I have had many alternative treatments such as Acupuncture and BioVeda Biofeedback to address my own health challenges. My first Acupuncture treatment was in 1988 for allergies. I still get Acupuncture as maintenance.

My father took me to his acupuncturist in San Antonio, Texas. I felt much better but the wellness wore off a few weeks later. It usually takes more than one treatment. That was the beginning of my journey into the then mysterious world of being a receiver of Traditional Chinese Medicine

My friends thought that I was desperate and nutty..

Energy Work is ancient as well.

Crystals, rocks and gems have been used for centuries to promote self awareness and healing. I combine what is already known folklore and historical uses of crystals and stones with chakra balancing techniques. Within minutes people report uplifting sensations!

It has yet to be determined why or how crystals work with our energetic fields. Yet it is acceptable compliment to wellbeing and maintenance.

Wanding is FUN at Parties especially if you are looking for something different and wholesome!

costumes are my personal I am open for themes to correspond to your EVENT

Contact me and we can work together to come up with details to make your occasion memorable!