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Beauty Is As Beauty Does

Crystal Brooms by Chiara


Talking Crystal Properties

Posted on 15 August, 2013 at 9:57 Comments comments (117)
Talking Crystal Properties with Strangers
When I go out I usually wear a Crystal Broom. I have sold pieces during airplanes rides, at the post office, in coffee shops and bars! A man once bought a Shamballa bracelet off my wrist in a club for a lady friend he was with. I am both Thankful and Amazed to be able to make such a connection in such public places with strangers.
People become intrigued because I am more interested in them than they are interested in me. I am not good at recalling names. However I visually scan people immediately, noting everything!  I ask a ton of questions. Meanwhile they are looking at my pendant but can't stop talking about themselves. I don't want them to either.
The best way to spread the news that subtle energy healing is possible is to demonstrate.
My zero energy wand pops out quicker than Harry Potter.
You can get one just like mine
Word of mouth and personal testimony is the best advertisement. I will show anyone that will sit still long enough how good it feels to get a chakra massage with this Wand
I'm not afraid to stick my neck out or get laughed at.
The more that I make crystal jewelry the more I tell people that for me my pieces are not just pretty artwork. This is music to some folks ears but others pull the plug.
Sure I would like to sell a piece everyday to everyone that I meet. 
I'm sure that some people are turned off because they immediately want to make me aware that they don't believe in any of the crystal folklore.
Most people immediately follow that disbelief statement by telling me their Religious background.
That is awesome because now I can be a complete listener and learn about what makes up that person's perceived comfort zone. Silence is a great teacher.
Learning is so stimulating and not having to be interested in making a profit is freedom.
When I am not thinking about making money, it feels as though more than half of my mind is FREE to experience and work out other things.
Everyone offers a piece of the puzzle in some way even if you don't feel as if you have any similarities perhaps you and that person still were drawn to one another for a reason.
So here is the sit up for talking crystals which is the absolute opposite of what a person may think.
First off, I eliminate the thoughts of competition. There is nothing to win or loose only Share. This conversation can become a sharing game.
Just because someone is different doesn't mean that nothing may be exchanged
I am collecting information as to other peoples experiences. I see a connection between peoples health to how HAPPY and secure we are. I add myself to this study.
Once I am finished with a set of exchanges, I go back home and look up what crystals, symptoms and properties match up. Even if I shall never see that person again.
It does not matter because as my grandfather always said that he met Doppelgangers from NYC to San Francisco!
Recently, I was at the Blue Butterfly in South Haven Indiana and I purchased a book that will now make this process a whole lot easier! I highly recommend this book: Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall
well Peace and wellness people LOVE and LIGHT
I enjoy writing and plan to do more of it
I do more Wanding than passing out cards.. sometimes I forget to give a card!
Lately I've been trying to do more of that hence I'd better have something on my blog to READ hehe
take care, Chiara

Mother's day

Posted on 10 May, 2013 at 13:22 Comments comments (14)
omg I rushing to complete several mother's day pieces..all featuring rose quartz, hematite,quartz and adventurine..check my for images!